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Dr Nicki Whitehouse @fossilbeetle
University of Plymouth

Project P:I.  Nicki is a Professor in Human-Environment Systems. She specialises in the analysis of fossil beetles from a variety of palaeoenvironmental settings, including archaeological sites. Recent work has been concerned with understanding early Holocene landscapes and especially the transition to agriculture in the Neolithic and the evolution of wetland landscapes

Dr Ben Gearey     @benjamingearey
    University College, Cork, Republic of Ireland

Project CO:I.  Ben is a Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology with a broad range of research interests in environmental archaeology with a particular focus on the archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records of peatland landscapes.

Prof Henry Chapman @henrychapman1  University of Birmingham 

Project CO:I. Henry is a Professor in archaeology and digital humanities, Henry specialises in later prehistory, wetland archaeology and the application of digital technologies to the study of past landscapes.

Dr Jane Bunting
University of Hull 

Project Partner. Jane is a Reader in Geography at the University of Hull. Her research interests revolve around the understanding of the long term dynamics of cultural landscapes, mostly from pollen records, and the translation of pollen diagrams into other formats such as maps which are far more helpful for talking to archaeologists, ecologists and conservation scientists about past landscapes.  She is a member of various international working groups, including PolLandCal, Landclim and currently PAGES Landcover6k.

Dr Michelle Farrell @DrM_Farrell        Coventry University 

Project Partner. Michelle is a Lecturer in Physical Geography at Coventry University, specialising in palaeoecology and Quaternary science. Her research interests lie in the relationships between people and their environment, and particularly cultural responses to environmental change, during prehistory. Her recent work has focused on investigating these relationships within small island environments.“

Dr Suzi Richer @EnviroSuzi              Richer Environmental

Project Partner. Suzi in an environmental archaeologist and runs the consultancy Richer Environmental, she is also an honorary associate at the University of York. She specialises in pollen analysis and the relationship between people and the environment in both the past and present. Suzi works on a range of projects in the UK, Ireland and France, both in the academic and commercial sectors. 


Dr Kim Davies
University of Plymouth

Project Researcher. Kim is a former post doctoral researcher on the ‘Reconstructing the Wildscape’ project. She is now working on another wetland project, Wet Futures, and continues to help with aspects of the Wildscapes Project. She specialises in understanding palaeoenvironments using proxies such as insects and geochemical markers. Her recent work has focused understanding Iron Age lake settlements and their impact on the environment.


Nika Shilabod  
 University of Plymouth

PhD student.  Nika is a PhD student at Plymouth in Physical Geography, under the supervision of Dr Nicki Whitehouse and Dr Ben Gearey. She started in October 2017. After receiving her MSc in Archaeology of the North in 2014, she has been working in aerial imaging and geomatics in the United States.

Alex Hardie-Brown
Alex Hardie-Brown @hardie_brown      University of Plymouth

M.Sc Student. Alex is a former masters student studying Environmental Consultancy at Plymouth University and specialises in GIS, palaeoenvironments, ecological restoration, and conservation management. He undertook his masters thesis on modelling the past ecological communities of Hatfield Moors. He now works for Dartmoor National Park.

Wilmer Koster @WW_koster   University of Hull & Utrecht university

PhD student. Wilmer studied for an M.Sc in Palaeoecology at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). He is interested in human impact on their environment especially changes to the local and regional vegetation. He has reconstructed the vegetation of the Levels, in the form of vegetation maps, for several prehistorical and historical time periods. He is currently a PhD student at the University of St. Andrews.




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